Season of Deceit

Season Of Deceit

On sale January, 2014!

by Michelle Akins
Brooks Mackenzie, noted architect from New York City, has returned to Thomasville, GA with two goals in mind—to build the grandest hotel of his career and to take down Duncan Jameson, the man he holds solely responsible for the death of his parents and the loss of his birthright. Brooks isn’t prepared for the complications that ensue when he meets and becomes intrigued by Jameson’s spirited and beautiful step-daughter.
Cassie Johnston has lived her life amid the glorious surroundings of Four Oaks Plantation, trying to avoid the condescension and mistreatment at the hands of her stepfather, Duncan Jameson. Just months shy of her possible escape, Cassie finds herself blackmailed by her stepfather and uncle into agreeing to marry, Derrick, her disreputable step cousin, in order to secure her beloved brother’s future. Faced with the choice of marrying Derrick or seeing her step-father withdraw the funding for her brother’s education, Cassie agrees. Thrust into “the social season” to make her courtship with Derrick appear legitimate, Cassie enters society’s balls and cotillions, hoping for a way out before the nuptials take place. When she meets Brooks Mackenzie at one of Four Oaks’ famed hunts, she unknowingly becomes a pawn in two separate and dangerous games of revenge and financial gain.
Murder, intrigue, and desire alternately pull the hero and heroine together and propel them apart through a combination of misunderstandings, jealousies, and secrets.